Escape the room

Visit a Sci-fi noir apartment. Inspired by "escape the room" games.

A VR game for Oculus Rift and Htc Vive


Abode takes place in a Sci-fi noir universe.

Be a vigilant detective! Explore and investigate every corner and detail of the worn down apartment.

Find objects or items to inspect, search through boxes, drawers and furniture.
Repair broken equipment or utilize items and furniture in the room in order to unveil all it’s secrets.

A game inspired by the “escape the room” genre.

A super interactive experience.

Escape the room.

A solid "EScape the room" nice theme, puzzles are the ride that line between requiring a bit of logical thinking and never stray into "Moonlogic"

Solidly put together, if you want a Escape the Room fun you cant go far wrong with this one 🙂

SlybootsSteam Review

Definitely one of the best VR escape rooms yet!
Real puzzles, not a simple search for items.

KitharaSteam Review

Highly recommended! I've played a bunch of VR escape rooms and this is my favorite! Great style and the puzzles are just the right amount of challange to be satisfying without being frustrating. Lots of puzzles in the game, so there's plenty to do.

pr1marySteam Review

Really clever puzzles and clue progression while still keeping the order very non-linear. Great environment art that doesn't do the annoying dark room cliche.

JeepBarnettReddit Review

Let's Play The Game!

A interactive noir experience.

Check it out on Steam.