The team

We'd love to tell you more about us.

A small team of two guys based in Sweden, in a town called Linköping. we love to transform unique ideas into awesome games while riding polar bears. We had been making games as a hobby for a while until we could make a living out of it. We have a passion for all sorts of gaming and all we ever think about is all those games out there just waiting to be made.

We dream about expanding the team but to still stay small and make exactly those games we would like to play.

Currently we’re focusing on VR as we believe it’s the future of gaming and there’s still a lot to explore.

The story

Two boys met at the age of 6, they started playing together. A search began, a search to find the perfect thing, the perfect hobby. They started drawing cool inventions, they gathered remote controlled vehicles, they built huts in the forest, they skated, they played games, they rode horses, they played in a band, they studied together.

Time passed and they became 14 years old. Still, without finding that perfect hobby. One day sam said “We should make a game!” jonathan replied – “Yeah that sounds awesome”. And so the “googleing” started and they started to make games, since that day they have stayed true to their call as they’re still making games. A hobby became a paid job and up to this day they have released 7 games.

The guys behind the games

The two guys of overflow.

Samuel Sekandagu

Designer, Programmer & composer etc

Sam is a Indie game fan, he loves the neat and simple graphics and likes to stay updated with the latest news in the gaming industry.

Jonathan Prytz

Director, Designer, Artist etc

Jonathan is a passionate gamer, not a fanboy who plays only one kind of game. he loves dynamic game mechanics and hates button mashing. He's always been fond of 3D, when he was around 10 years old he started to borrow his brother's computer to ``play`` with 3d studio max. From there the interest in game making escalated. He loves 3D animated movies and rarely misses an opportunity to watch a new one.

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